SKISAVER Flex® - The ultimate ski protection

Next generation skisaver is here. Skisaver Flex-Same model regardless of type of ski.
New Skisaver Flex is easy to customize for your scooter, regardless of the type of ski.
Transport your snowmobile on all surfaces without scratching either the skis or the surface you drive on. Gravel, concrete, asphalt or soil - no problem.
With Skisaver Flex, you can easily roll your scooter without impact on skis and surfaces.
Skisaver Flex can be used in Verkstan, on the courtyard, in the store hall. in the case of transhipment on a trailer or during transport on a landmark
Skisaver Flex is easy to use. Roll under the skid, push down the hook and hook it. The model is easy to adjust in width as well as hook height to suit all types of skis. Skisaver Flex is the ultimate ski protection. Same model regardless of skiing.
Our skisaver is sturdy in its construction and is adapted for speeds of up to 10 km / h. We are currently looking for dealers in USA, EU and Canada, do not hesitate to contact us.

"Monteras snabbt och enkelt!"

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Skisaver® is Pattern-Protected and Patent Quest in the EU, Norway, USA and Canada.

Copying Skisaver® will mean that we take legal action against the person or company in question.



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