"Save the skis on your snowscooter"

Skisaver® Snowmobile dollys

Skisaver® is a Swedish made Snowmobile dollys. One of a kind!
Specially developed for all snowmobiles/sleds owners who sometime have to move his snowmobiles/sleds when it is bare. To save the skies, set quickly and easily on our Skisaver® that makes it possible to move drive and steer the snowmobile without damage to the skis. You not only save the skis, you will also prevent the skis from damaging the surface you run on, e.g. the floor in the garage, exhibition hall or trailer for transport.


The Skisaver® is rich in its construction.

With Special alloy steel and special molded 200 mm/ 8 inch wheels.
No problem driving on gravel or grass. Skisaver is built to last.

Skisaver® is designprotected world wide. We are currently looking for distributors/wholesalers in Canada and The USA. Interested? Please send an e-mail to export@skisaver.se


"Quick and easy to install"



Want to become a dealer?

We're constantly working to expand our dealer network. Do you want to be a part of this, do not hesitate to contact us, export@skisaver.se


You will not be alone.

Skisaver® are sold in Alaska, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Island, Greeland and Switzerland.


3 Models on Skisaver®

Art.no 75849.  Lynx Blade & CTRL II skis

Art.no 75850 Fits 70% of all skis on the market, like Brp, DS2/DS3 Gripper. Snowmobiles like Polaris, Ski Doo, Arti Cat, Yamaha, etcetera.

This one ábove is the biggest seller.

Art.no 75986 For broadband and for wide skis. Adjustable up to 255 mm wide skis. Fits C&A Pro, Lynx ADJ, Polaris pro float, Yamaha 8JE 228 mm wide, Artic Cat Bearcat Broadband, Arctic cat Prolite, Proute, etcetera.


Observe! Skisaver® has a Design Patent in EU, USA and Canada

We will not hesitate to take legal action against any intruder




Our videos

Thinking about how our Skisaver works?
Then take a look at our videos, assembly instructions, and information about major use of our product.



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