SKISAVER Flex® - The ultimate ski protection


Now the 2019 model of SkisaverFlex® is here!

  • The news are:
    Refined design with stronger hook and extended span.
    Improved steel quality for stable drive with heavier scooters.
    Made of 6 mm steel. (same as 2017-18)
    Cold-resistant wheels tested down to -30 ° C.
    Suitable for skis between 158-272 mm, ie all skis in the market.

Same model regardless of the type of ski.
New Skisaver Flex® is easy to adjust to your snowmobile, regardless of the type of ski. The model is easy to adjust in width and height. The width from 158 to 272 mm.
Skisaver Flex® is easy to use. Roll under the sheath, push down the hook and hook it. Adjust the width and hook height. Tighten the bolts securely.
Transport your snowmobile on all surfaces without scratching/damaging either the skis or the surface you drive on. Gravel, concrete, asphalt or soil - no problem.
Skisaver Flex can be used in the workshops or in the store hall. 

Our Skisaver Flex® is sturdy in its design and is constructed for speeds up to 6mph.


Skisaver Flex® is developed in Sweden by Safedriving 24 AB. Skisaver Flex® is a registered trademark, patent pending and has design protection in the EU.


We are currently looking for several retailers in EU, Baltic countries and Russia. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us to become one of our dealers.

"Mounted quickly and easily"



For a complete list of dealers in the USA. Please visit the website for our U.S distributor at


SKISAVER Flex® - Same model regardless of type of ski.


After the form is filled you will get a e-mail where you make a payment by creditcard through DIBS. The shipment takes approx 3 days.



Skisaver Flex® is design patented. Patent pending in the EU, Norway, USA and Canada.

Copying Skisaver Flex® will mean that we take legal action against the person or company in question.




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